Pizza is delicious. Trust us, we’ve known this since 1966! There are plenty of ways to enjoy this classic Chicago favorite and an almost limitless number of ingredient combinations, from the savory sauce and mild nuttiness of the mozzarella to the hearty toppings and dough that’s crispy on the outside with a warm, soft texture on the inside.

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in a slice of pizza? Keep reading to find out. But be warned. We think you’ll want to order a yummy deep-dish Chicago-style pizza before you get to the end of our article!

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How Many Calories are in the Average Slice of Pizza?

On average, around 285 calories are in one slice of cheese pizza. This accounts for a 14-inch (diameter) pizza, regular crust (not stuffed with cheese), a normal amount of cheese, and tomato sauce. 

Adding ingredients will pile on some more calories. Veggie pizza will likely have fewer calories than pizza slices with meat unless you order extra veg. No matter how you slice it, expect around 300 calories for a slice of pizza.

How Many Calories are in Various Pizza Toppings?

Here’s some more information about the average calories in some of the popular pizza toppings we have on our menu.

  • Pepperoni: 50 calories
  • Mushrooms: 15 calories
  • Sausage: 85 calories
  • Onions: 34 calories
  • Bacon: 43 calories
  • Extra Cheese: 78 calories
  • Peppers: 20 calories
  • Black Olives: 25 calories
  • Pineapple: 14 calories
  • Ham: 15 calories

Can Pizza be Nutritious?

Absolutely! Pizza contains a variety of foods, from grains found in the dough to protein in the meat and cheese. Meanwhile, you get some vitamins and minerals from any veggies, as well as calcium from the cheese. 

However, you do need to know that pizza can have fat, carbs, and sodium in it. The fat comes mostly from the cheese and meats, while the carbs are in the dough. Sodium can be found in processed meats (pepperoni, sausage, and ham) and sometimes the sauce.

But, don’t worry! If you’re on a special diet, you can still enjoy good nutrition in a slice of pizza! We highly recommend our veggie pizza if you’re concerned about too much sodium or fat in our food. Plus, if you have any dietary restrictions, you can contact us before you place an order and we can tell you what allergens or ingredients are in each dish. You can also order salads, sandwiches, and chicken from our menu.

How Does the Average Slice of Pizza Compare to National Brands?

The amount of calories in the average slice of pizza varies based on ingredients, but it also varies by brand. Take a look at some other brands of pizza to see how their slices stack up with cheese pizza at 14 inches. The crust types may vary, so a deep dish or pan pizza will have more calories than a hand-tossed or thin-crust pie.

  • Pizza Hut Pan Pizza: 350 calories
  • Rosati’s Deep Dish: 580 calories
  • Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish: 590 calories
  • Pizzeria Uno Deep Dish: 476 calories

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