Can You Freeze Tiramisu?

It’s always better to order too much food than too little, but what if your eyes are a little bigger than your stomach? You’ll be happy to know that you can easily freeze leftovers from Salerno’s Pizza for another day. But, can you freeze tiramisu? The answer is yes! Tiramisu stores beautifully in the freezer, so you can have a sweet treat ready to go at a moment’s notice. Find out the answer to, “How long is Tiramisu good for?”, or “How long does frozen tiramisu take to defrost?”, and plan your next meal with Salerno’s Pizza today!

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How Can You Freeze Tiramisu?

How can you freeze tiramisu properly? If you ordered just a little too much for your last Oak Park gathering, there’s no need to worry! In fact, some experts believe that tiramisu gets better over time as the ladyfingers soak up all of the bold coffee flavors. Just follow these simple steps to preserve your dessert for months to come:

  • Remove extra cocoa powder, nuts, or cacao nibs from the top of the dessert.
  • Grab plastic wrap and wrap the tiramisu tightly.
  • Wrap the tiramisu for a second time to make sure everything is contained.
  • Cover the entire dessert with aluminum foil, and freeze.

If you have a larger batch, consider freezing it in smaller portions. This can be easier to store and serve for your future feasts!

How Long Is Tiramisu Good For?

How long does tiramisu last? Freezing your tiramisu will extend the shelf life by months, but too much time under ice can lead to freezer burn and a reduction in quality. Generally speaking, tiramisu can last around three months in the freezer without any issue. 

How Long Does Frozen Tiramisu Take To Defrost

When you’re ready for dessert, simply take a piece out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Keep in mind that the dessert will give off moisture when it thaws, so keeping it wrapped is a good idea for less mess. Top with extra cocoa powder or nuts if you wish, and enjoy your perfectly preserved treat!

Where to Buy Tiramisu?

Wondering where to buy tiramisu in the Chicago area? The answer is Salerno’s Pizza! Our family-owned restaurant has brought this Italian classic to the people of the Chicagoland area since 1966, and we pride ourselves on the freshest ingredients. Order a tiramisu today, and don’t forget to order a little extra to freeze. Browse our menu and contact us with any questions!

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