Focaccia Sandwiches

Foccacia sandwich at Salerno's Pizza

Every location of Salerno’s Pizza offers a great selection of focaccia sandwiches. They’re among our most popular menu items, but we still get a lot of guests asking us, “What is focaccia?” Let us introduce you to this unique Italian bread and give you some focaccia sandwich ideas. Or, you can find out for yourself—order a focaccia sandwich from our menu today! 

What is Focaccia?

Focaccia is a yeast-leavened Italian bread made with wheat flour. The dough, before it’s baked, is similar to pizza dough. In Italy, it’s often called ‘pizza bianca.” A lot of people call focaccia a flatbread, which isn’t exactly accurate because it has the crumb and rise that you can only get from yeast. Instead of being baked as a loaf, focaccia is baked in a rectangle, so it’s flatter than a loaf. A focaccia sandwich works so well because you get plenty of crispy crust without as much interior bread filler. It’s just the right amount of bread to give you that delicious yeast bread essence while allowing the sandwich fillings to shine. 

Focaccia Sandwich Ideas

If you’re looking for focaccia sandwich ideas, look no further than the Salerno’s Pizza menu in Brookfield or Forest Park! We fill our focaccia sandwiches with meats and cheeses, vegetables, herbs, and dressings to make them one of the star of our menu. All of our locations offer a great selection of delicious focaccia sandwiches that include: 

  • Chicken Focaccia Sandwich
  • Turkey Focaccia Sandwich
  • Italian Focaccia Sandwich
  • Veggie Focaccia Sandwich

If you want to try one of our focaccia sandwiches, check out our specials in Bolingbrook and our other locations to see if we’re running any focaccia sandwich coupons. We’d love for you to try one of our delicious focaccia sandwiches while saving you some money.

Try a Focaccia Sandwich at Any Salerno’s Pizza Location!

No matter where you are in Chicagoland, the Salerno’s Pizza location nearest you has a focaccia sandwich waiting just for you, and you’re going to love it! Contact us to find out more about our focaccia sandwiches, or any menu item that catches your eye. We can also talk about ordering focaccia for a crowd to serve as a side dish if you’re looking at catering options.

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