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Finding gluten-free pizza places can be difficult. When a large portion of the dish traditionally consists of a product with gluten – many locations refuse to offer services like gluten-free pizza delivery. This is when Salerno’s steps in to save the day.

As one of the number one gluten-free pizza places near Oak Park, it’s our pleasure to provide our loyal customers with items that they can enjoy, even if substitutions are involved. When you call for an order, just remind the person taking your order that you need a gluten-free pizza delivery. We offer this option in the following sizes

  • 10-inch
  • 14-inch

How Do We Prepare Gluten-Free Pizza for Delivery? 

Gluten is a protein that’s found in common kitchen ingredients like wheat, rye, and other bread or dough-related products. Unfortunately, pizza crust is one of the primary sources of gluten in a traditional pizza. It helps hold and bind the bread together, giving dough or breadsticks that fluffy texture without falling apart. So, what’s the secret? 

We’re able to provide gluten-free pizza delivery by using substitutions during the baking process. The process is quite simple. We use a combination of gluten-free flour and starches such as rice flour, potato starch, and even tapioca starch to form the crust. We combine these products with wet ingredients and other flavorings – usually olive oil and either sugar or salt. We also safely use yeast to help certain breads rise during the baking process. This way, they end up just as enjoyable as a traditional recipe. 

Call Salerno’s for Gluten-Free Pizza Near Oak Park, IL

The next time you want pizza, don’t get discouraged – you now have a source for gluten-free pizza delivery! There is no reason you should miss out on your favorite foods because nobody else is willing to accommodate your needs. Use our easy online ordering system for delivery in Oak Park or order by phone! Don’t forget about the other locations we serve as well!

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