Is Pizza Delivery Worth It?

The drudgery of deciding what to have for dinner coupled with actually making dinner in Plainfield can get exhausting. Trying to feed your picky kids? Maddening. Getting off the couch and figuring out how to nourish yourself? Boring! Is pizza delivery worth it when you find yourself in any of these situations in Berwyn or Naperville? Absolutely! With our extensive menu and pizza specials, Salerno’s Pizza makes pizza delivery worth it! Find out how and why the battle between pizza delivery vs. Uber Eats and DoorDash vs. pizza delivery always ends in pizza delivery’s favor. 

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Why Pizza Delivery is Worth It

There are so many reasons why Romeoville customers know that pizza delivery is worth it. Maybe they’ve read about our pizza math that shows how economically smart it is to order pizza. Or maybe they just value their time and energy and know that sometimes, having someone show up at your door with delicious food in a timely fashion is exactly what you need. We’re talking about self-care. Ordering pizza also provides the opportunity for future meals, too, since it’s so easy to freeze pizza. Besides, diners in Stickney and beyond can craft their pizza to their liking, from veggie-loaded to a big, meaty pie that leaves everyone satisfied. 

DoorDash vs. Pizza Delivery vs. Uber Eats

There’s been such a boom in third-party delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. How does DoorDash vs. pizza delivery, or pizza delivery vs. Uber Eats compare? When you order pizza delivery from Salerno’s Pizza to your home in Forest Park, you’re going to get delivery from a member of our staff, not some third-party contractor working for a company that’s hurting independently-owned restaurants and not treating their employees well. You’ll also get your pizza delivery faster, meaning your meal will be hot and fresh. Don’t trust a third-party delivery service when Salerno’s will deliver to you in Brookfield.

Pizza Delivery is Always Worth it When You Order From Salerno’s! 

When you order Salerno’s Pizza delivery in Riverside, prepare for a 100 percent regret-free experience! Pizza delivery is worth it when you choose a locally-owned business that cares enough to make sure you get your pizza fast and hot. Order now, or anything you’re feeling the need to leave dinner to the pros. 

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