Mostaccioli in the Chicago Area

When you have a craving for thick, hearty Italian meals, no one beats our Chicago-area mostaccioli! We’re diving into this baked pasta classic to learn more about its origins and why we all love it so much, as well as answering how to pronounce mostaccioli. Grab a fork and let’s dig in! 

What is Mostaccioli? 

Mostaccioli is a short, tube-shaped pasta that is often confused with penne pasta. While both have angled ends, the texture of penne is more rigid whereas mostaccioli is smooth. In fact, mostaccioli is commonly referred to as “penne lisce” or “penne smooth” in Italy. While we’re on the name, you may be wondering how to pronounce mostaccioli. The Italian spelling may be confusing to native English speakers, but the proper pronunciation is muss-tah-chee-OH-lee.

Baked Mostaccioli: Classic Comfort Food

Mostaccioli pasta is featured in a wide variety of Italian-inspired dishes, though it’s most known for the iconic baked mostaccioli dish. So what goes into this cheesy, mouthwatering dish? 

  • Pasta: Mostaccioli noodles are the go to, though some will sub penne or ziti in a pinch.
  • Cheese: Baked mostaccioli is nothing without cheese! Mozzarella, parmesan, and even ricotta are classic choices for this dish. 
  • Seasoning: This meal is all about bringing together rich Italian flavors, so garlic, basil, and red pepper flakes are a must. 
  • Sauce: Thick, hearty tomato sauce is key to any successful baked mostaccioli. 

These ingredients are combined in a baking dish and set to bake until the top layer of cheese is golden brown. The end result is a warm, gooey masterpiece the whole family will love! 

Baked mostaccioli also makes for a perfect catering option for your next Chicago area event! Salerno’s serves up large, shareable portions of this Italian classic, so think of us next time you’re hosting a:

  • Birthday party
  • Graduation
  • Bridal shower
  • Anniversary 
  • Or any other celebration! 

At Salerno’s, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best baked mostaccioli in the Chicago area, and when you order from one of our four locations, you can bring home this Italian favorite for dinner tonight. 

Order Baked Mostaccioli in the Chicago Area From Salerno’s! 

Baked mostaccioli is a star feature on our menu and all of our locations — from Chicago to Oak Park, Lyons to Bolingbrook — are ready to deliver this cheesy dish to your door. Be sure to check out our latest specials too!

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