Are Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

Pizza boxes

We know our Berwyn customers care about the environment, and have probably heard some conflicting messages about if pizza boxes are recyclable. The good news is that, yes, pizza boxes are recyclable! When you get pizza delivery from Salerno’s, you’ll get your pie in a cardboard box. Despite years of being told that the residual grease and cheese in a pizza box made them unable to be recycled, new research shows that pizza boxes are recyclable. Find out more about pizza box ecology—are pizza boxes compostable?—with Salerno’s Pizza. 

Pizza Box Recycling Facts

Don’t let your pizza boxes wind up in the landfills near Forest Park or Riverside! Not only can pizza boxes be recycled, but they can account for up to 2.6 percent of all cardboard recycling, according to the Sierra Club. That’s because the three billion pizza boxes used annually in the U.S. add up to over 600,000 tons of cardboard waste that can be kept out of landfills. Seventy-three percent of U.S. recycling centers are equipped to handle the normal amount of food attached to a pizza box, so contact your Romeoville recycling provider to make sure they’re among that number. 

Are Pizza Boxes Biodegradable?

Yes, they are! As one of the few disposable food containers that’s not made from plastic or styrofoam, pizza boxes are among the most environmentally-friendly containers because they are biodegradable. Now, anyone who has a stash of boxes storing their keepsakes knows, cardboard sitting alone on a shelf doesn’t quickly biodegrade. Pizza boxes are biodegradable in the right environment, which you might find in your own backyard. 

Are Pizza Boxes Compostable? 

If you keep a compost bin, your pizza boxes are in excellent addition, especially if your Plainfield-area recycling center isn’t equipped for pizza boxes. You can still recycle the parts of the pizza box that aren’t food-stained. Then take the parts with grease and cheese, cut them into small pieces, and throw them into your compost bin. 

Save the Planet with Salerno’s Pizza! 

Okay, maybe we can’t save the world with Naperville pizza fans alone, but we can do our part by properly disposing of pizza boxes by recycling or composting them. Both options are almost as easy as tossing the box into the trash can. Next time you order from our pizza menu, recycle or compost your pizza box. Contact us if you have questions about our other carry-out packaging options.

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