Can You Freeze Leftover Pizza?

Opening a freezer door

We love pizza, that’s why it’s a favorite of our customers in Chicago and Oak Park. It tastes great when it’s fresh and in your hands, but what about the next day? A lot of Bolingbrook residents like to keep a few slices around. If you’re wondering about how to freeze a pizza, not to worry, as you can keep it chilled for a number of days.

Find out if you can freeze a pizza and how long you’ll be able to keep it in your home. Don’t forget to order from one of our Salerno’s Pizza locations or online.

How to Freeze a Pizza?

So can you freeze pizza, that answer is an obvious yes. It’s best that you place the pizza within your refrigerator within two hours of its arrival at your residence. Remember to wrap it in aluminum foil to preserve it effectively. As a result, you’ll be able to store that pizza for at least the next three to four days.

Can You Freeze Pizza Slices?

Of course you can, just remember that you’ll need aluminum foil, zipper bags, or something that can preserve them correctly. Some customers even mark it with a sharpie, spotlighting the date of delivery.

How Long Does Pizza Last in The Freezer?

Some people can eat frozen pizza for up to a year, if it’s kept in a freezer at zero degrees. However it should be noted that the quality of the pizza will start deteriorating after the second month.

How Long Can You Keep Leftover Pizza That’s Been Thawed in The Fridge?

Remember three to four days is the maximum you can keep your leftover pizza in the fridge. After that, it’ll start to go bad and eating it will be at your own risk.

How to Reheat Frozen Delivery Pizza Slices?

We know there’s a lot of Salerno’s Pizza customers in Lyons and Oak Park who love the taste of cold pizza in the morning. Or is that just me? Either way, here are the steps to reheating frozen pizza:

  1. Ignore The Microwave: It may be fast and convenient, but it won’t do anything for the pizza’s quality or taste. We recommend using a skillet on low heat over a stove and warming the leftover pizza that way.
  2. Add a Few Drops of Water to Your Skillet: When adding this water, your skillet will sizzle thanks to the heat.
  3. Cover The Pizza Slices With a Tight Lid To Hold The Steam In From The Water: Let it heat on low for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Remove The Lid: Your cheese should be melted by this point. Let it cook for another minute or two to further crisp the crust.

Order Your Next Leftover Pizza Slices From Salerno’s

Whether you love pizza the night of delivery or the day after if it’s warm or cold, Salerno’s is the place to go. Now that you know the answer to “Can you freeze leftover pizza?,” it’s time to order some as well. Whether it’s a casual date night in or an office party, we’ve got the classic Italian recipes you know and love. See you soon!

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