Stadium Size Pizza

Looking to feed a whole lot of people? The Salerno’s stadium pizza delivers, feeding up to 10 hungry pizza lovers with up over 2 feet of cheese, sauce, toppings, and more! Our game day deal makes it easy to fuel your team spirit, so order your stadium size pizza in the Chicago area and feed your crew tonight! 

What is a Stadium Size Pizza? 

Our stadium size pizza was born out of a desire to feed a large group good food at good price. Getting dinner for more than six people adds up quickly, but our team cooked up the solution, making our stadium size pizza the most cost effective way to feed over six. 

How do we do it? Our stadium size pizza: 

  • Measures 18×26 inches, giving your family or party guests over two feet of cheesy goodness 
  • Feeds 8-10 people, making it the perfect meal for large groups and gatherings 
  • Makes for a great game day deal, with 2 toppings, 2 2-liters, and 2 appetizers for $59.99

The other best part about ordering a stadium size pizza in the Chicago area? Leftovers! Having so much pizza on hand is a blessing, and if your crew can’t finish the entire pie, you can reheat the remaining slices later. 

Salerno’s Satisfies Your Whole Family 

In addition to our stadium size pizza, our menu is packed with ways to tempt every taste bud. Dig into our selection of Italian favorites, including: 

  • Appetizers: from fried mushrooms to garlic bread, we have the sides your family craves. 
  • Sandwiches and subs: get a mouthful of our cheezy beef, veal parmigiana, or meatball sandwich. 
  • Pasta: swirl a forkful of our linguine with calamari or spaghetti aglio olio for an authentic Italian feast. 
  • Entrees: we have a wide selection of ribs and chicken dishes cooked to perfection. 
  • Desserts: if you have room after your stadium pizza, try our classic cannoli or cheesecake. 

Place Your Stadium Size Pizza Chicago-Area Order Now!

Our stadium pizza is ready to be the star of your next party or family gathering! Make it a meal with our game day deal, or pair it with any of our other menu items for a plateful of Salerno’s favorites. We deliver to Oak Park, Lyons, and Bolingbrook, and beyond, so the next time the game is on, order from Salerno’s!

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