What Are Vesuvio Potatoes?

Salernos Oak Park Pan Fried Vesuvio Potatoes
When you’re in Oak Park and craving a mountain of potatoes, check out the Vesuvio potatoes at Salerno’s Pizza! You might be wondering, what are Vesuvio potatoes? Crispy Vesuvio potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes on our menu, but not everyone knows what to expect with this classic dish. Find out about the history of Vesuvio potatoes and how we make ours!

A Little Vesuvio Potatoes History

Named about Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed the Italian city of Pompii, crispy Vesuvio potatoes, and its counterpart Vesuvio chicken, aren’t native to Italy. In fact, they’re a relatively new culinary creation that comes from right here in Chicago! Unsubstantiated rumor claims that the dish originated at Vesuvio Restaurant on Wacker in the 1930s. That’s why so many diners from Berwyn and Riverside have such fond memories of growing up eating crispy Vesuvio potatoes. Since Vesuvio potatoes are similar to a lot of southern Italian dishes, there’s also theories that the dish might have originated there. 

What are Vesuvio Potatoes?

Vesuvio potatoes are a relatively simple dish, but hearty and rich enough to be crave-worthy during a blustery Brookfield winter day. Potatoes are sauteed in olive oil along with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and white wine for a delicious white sauce. You’ll find our Vesuvio potatoes on our Antipasto menu along with other favorites like mozzarella sticks. If you really love the Vesuvio treatment, try our Vesuvio chicken, where chicken pieces are cooked with the potatoes in the same garlicky white wine sauce. We even own a classic Chicago favorite—pork chop Vesuvio style! It’s offered on our Rib Lover’s Menu. If you’re feeding a Vesuvio-loving crowd, all of these dishes can be ordered through our catering department. In the Riverside area Salerno’s is your home base for Vesuvio dishes! 

Get Your Vesuvio Potatoes at Salerno’s Pizza! 

Treat yourself and your family to a wonderful taste of old Chicago with an order of crispy Vesuvio potatoes from Salerno’s Pizza! Order online for super fast homemade Italian food and pizza, made the way it should be. At Salerno’s we’re proud to bring old school Italian food to you and your family! 

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