What is Bruschetta?

When you think of Chicago-style Italian food in Oak Park or Berwyn, you probably think about warm, dense comfort foods like chicken parmigiana and pasta. While such dishes are an important part of the Salerno’s menu, they’re are other options that are lighter and brighter. Like our bruschetta on the appetizer menu. What is bruschetta? It’s a blend of tomatoes and herbs, chopped and served on crispy bread. It makes an excellent partner to some of our heavier dishes, adding a light touch on the side of our linguini with clam sauce. Find out more about our bruschetta and enjoy some tonight at your Forest Park dinner table!
Salernos Bruschetta

What is in Bruschetta? 

Many of your favorite Italian ingredients are what is in bruschetta. Primarily, we use plump, fresh tomatoes that are small diced and juicy. They’re then mixed with garlic, basil, and olive oil. The final product is bright and tangy with delicious herbal notes. Think of it as salsa with Italian flavors. However, you won’t be scooping bruschetta onto chips. What bread is used for bruschetta? We use crusty French bread that’s been sliced and toasted so it holds up to the juices in our fresh bruschetta. Our Stickney guests delight in this fresh and flavorful appetizer! If you enjoy our salads and are looking for an alternative to our crispy vegetable appetizers like our fried mushrooms and fried zucchini, bruschetta is a great way to go. We’re sure it’ll be a popular choice at your Riverside dinner table. 

How is Bruschetta Pronounced? 

Now that you know what is in bruschetta and what bread is used for bruschetta, you might feel a little embarrassed to ask this next question, so we’ll tackle it for you—how is bruschetta pronounced? It’s easy! Start with “brew,” put the accent on “SKEH,” and end with “ta.” But even if you mispronounced it, we’ll know what you want. 

Order Your Bruschetta From Salerno’s Pizza

Are you ready to freshen up your regular pizza order? Order our bruschetta next time you order from Salerno’s! You’ll find it on our appetizer menu along with your favorite Italian starters.

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