What is Ravioli?

When it comes to stuffed pasta in the Berwyn area, it’s hard to beat the homemade ravioli at Salerno’s Pizza! What is ravioli? Ravioli is the most well-known stuffed pasta. It consists of two layers of thinly rolled egg-based pasta sandwiching a filling that makes it pillowy. Most ravioli are square or round. 

Is ravioli Italian? Do you know what to serve with ravioli? We have answers to all your Plainfield ravioli questions, along with delicious dinner ideas. Take a look at our guide to ravioli, and then, place your order with us.

ravioli with tomato sauce

Is Ravioli Italian? 

Yes, ravioli is Italian! Its history has been traced all the way back to the Tuscan city of Prato in the 1300s. In Rome, the Pope was eating ravioli as early as 1549. Even though ravioli is Italian, there are varieties around the world, since just about every culture has a filled dumpling: Jewish kreplach, wontons in China, and sweet fruit-filled gujiya in India are the multicultural cousins of Italian ravioli. The U.S. even has their own twists on ravioli, like the canned version many of us remember from childhood that was invented in Cleveland’s Little Italy a century ago. On our menu you’ll even find toasted ravioli, a breadcrumb-crusted fried version of the pasta served with marinara for dipping. It originated down in St. Louis in the 1950s.

At Salerno’s Pizza near Romeoville, our ravioli is rooted in Italian tradition. It’s never frozen or from a can because we make it by hand in our restaurants. You’ll find it among our House Specialities. Choose from ricotta cheese-filled, meat-filled, or a combination of both types of ravioli, then top it with any of these recommended sauces: 

  • Marinara
  • Meat sauce
  • Aglio olio (garlic and olive oil)
  • Alfredo
  • Arrabiata
  • Vodka sauce

What to Serve With Ravioli

You have plenty of options when it comes to what to serve with ravioli. For an even heartier dinner, you can get your ravioli with any of our meat offerings, including our homemade sausage or meatballs. To lighten up your Naperville ravioli dinner, choose any of our salad offerings to serve on the side. 

Get Your Next Ravioli Feast at Salerno’s Pizza

Do you have more questions about the best ravioli in the Brookfield area? Don’t hesitate to contact Salerno’s Pizza. We love to share the story of our authentic Italian ravioli with our Stickney and Riverside friends! 

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