What is Vodka Sauce?

Penne pasta with vodka sauce

While vodka sauce is one of the most popular pasta sauces on the Salerno’s Pizza menu, we get questions from the uninitiated all the time. They ask us, what is vodka sauce? What’s in vodka sauce? What does vodka sauce taste like? What meat goes with vodka sauce? We want all of our customers from Berwyn to Plainfield to discover how delicious this classic red sauce is, so take a look at all the answers to your vodka sauce questions below!

What’s in Vodka Sauce? 

No, vodka sauce is not pasta swimming in vodka. It’s a tomato-based sauce that’s spiked with the spirit for extra tanginess, then softened with a hint of heavy cream that gives the sauce a reddish-orange color. 

What Does Vodka Sauce Taste Like? 

Despite the name, Forest Park diners won’t taste any alcohol harshness. The alcohol burns off in the cooking process, leaving behind a hint of tanginess that Romeoville diners love. The tanginess enhances the brightness of the tomatoes and peppers. It’s balanced with pungent garlic and onion that’s slowly simmered with Italian herbs until smooth. The splash of cream at the end makes the sauce velvety and decadent. Its thick and rich texture make it a great partner for penne and rigatoni, so the sauce can nestle into the pasta. If you like marinara but want a more subtle, complex flavor, chances are you’ll love our vodka sauce. 

What Meat Goes with Vodka Sauce?

While many Naperville vegetarians love vodka sauce, it’s a great fit for seafood like shrimp or, for the ultimate in decadence, lobster. It also makes for a great twist on classic chicken Parmigiana. While its subtle flavor might be overpowered by flavorful meatballs, it’s a tasty partner for veal, too. 

Find Out What Vodka Sauce is Firsthand at Salerno’s Pizza! 

Are you ready to get a taste of our vodka sauce? We can’t wait for you to try it! Join us at any of our locations. We’re conveniently located near both Brookfield and Riverside. You can purchase our vodka sauce by the quart when you order from our catering menu. Get more information about our menu offerings or catering when you contact any of our locations. Or browse our menu and start planning dinner tonight.

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