What to Do if Your Pizza Delivery is Late

Even though pizza delivery has been around for a long time, and Salerno’s Pizza prides itself on doing its own deliveries instead of outsourcing to third-party delivery companies, sometimes things happen, and you’ll find yourself in Berwyn or Plainfield, waiting because your pizza delivery is late. Do you know what to do if your pizza delivery is late? It’s simple: call the Salerno’s Pizza location where you ordered and let us know! If you haven’t gotten your pizza delivery in Naperville, we want to keep you in the loop. Find out how. 

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Numbers to Call if Your Salerno’s Pizza Delivery is Late

First and foremost, whether you’re in Romeoville, Stickney, or anywhere in Salerno’s delivery area, we want to know if you haven’t received your order. Instead of using our contact form, please call the Salerno’s Pizza store where you ordered your pizza. While our contact form is a great way to ask us less pressing questions, it’s not the best way to get in touch if your pizza delivery is late. Here are the phone numbers to call: 

  • Bolingbrook: 630-226-1144
  • Lyons: 708-442-5500
  • Oak Park: 708-383-1500
  • Chicago: 312-666-3444 

When you call Salerno’s Pizza, we’ll do our very best to make sure your order is on its way and will be fresh and delicious when you get it. Let us work with you to find the right solution if your pizza delivery is late.

Reasons Why Pizza Delivery Might be Late

While we work hard at Salerno’s Pizza to get your Riverside order prepared and on its way to you quickly, sometimes issues beyond our control can cause your pizza delivery to be late, no matter where you order. Some of the reasons why your pizza delivery is late could include: 

  • Traffic: Just like you, pizza delivery drivers aren’t immune to the finicky fluctuations of traffic. Surprise traffic jams and accidents on the streets and highways in the Naperville area affect our drivers, too, even with the help of traffic apps. Because we want to keep our drivers safe, they might not be able to call and let us know that an order has been waylaid by traffic. 
  • Staffing Shortages: Like so many places around Forest Park, sometimes Salerno’s Pizza finds itself short-staffed, especially in these uncertain times. 
  • Weather: Like traffic, weather can be unpredictable and might cause delivery delays. Again, keeping our delivery drivers safe is a top priority, and we don’t want them to drive dangerously. If the roads are icy, or a sudden thunderstorm pops up, that might be why your delivery is late. 

Thanks You for Choosing Salerno’s Pizza

We hope these tips help you know what to do if your pizza delivery is late. At Salerno’s Pizza, we want our customers and our staff to remain happy and safe. That’s why we hope that, if your pizza delivery is late, you’ll call us directly, so we can resolve the issue, and you can enjoy your delivery order from our menu of pizza and more! 

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