When is National Pizza Day?

There’s never a bad day for pizza, but some days are better than others. If you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate, you should know that National Pizza Day takes place on February 9th. Pizza was invented centuries ago, but Americans started to celebrate the holiday at some time around the year 2000—and National Pizza Day has since become a tradition for many families. After all, ordering a hot, fresh delivery pizza is probably the best way to break through the February cold without leaving home!

National Pizza Day

Pizza-Themed Holidays

Truth be told, there’s more than one way to answer the question, “When is National Pizza Day”. A lot more! In fact, there’s a pizza-themed holiday during just about every month of the year. Here, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favorites:

  • National Pi Day (March 14th): Okay, Pi Day technically celebrates the discovery of the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter: roughly 3.14. That said, what better way to get kids excited about math than with everyone’s favorite circular dish? 
  • National Deep Dish Pizza Day (April 5th): True Chicagoans enjoy many different kinds of pizza, but deep dish at least deserves an honorable mention. There’s a proper time for thick crust piled over with cheese and sauce, and stuffed full of whatever toppings you like. That time is April 5th.
  • Pizza Margherita Day (June 11th): Beat the late spring heat with one of the most refreshing pizza topping combinations ever concocted: mozzarella, basil, and classic San Marzano tomato sauce. This pizza was originally created for Italy’s Queen Margherita, all the way back in 1889. The colors of the toppings represent the colors of the Italian flag.
  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day (September 20th): Did you know that pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping? It’s not hard to see why. This flavorful, slightly spicy, sliced cured meat has tons of appeal. 
  • National Sausage Pizza Day (October 11th): Maybe pepperoni isn’t your thing. If so, there’s a good chance that sausage is one of your very favorite pizza toppings. If you skipped over the last pizza holiday, make sure that you celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day when it rolls around in mid-October.
  • World Pizza Makers Day (October 25th): Where would we be without the pizza makers who always have our backs? October 25th is a great day to remember the hard-working individuals who are there for us when all we can do is pick up the phone or order a pizza online.

Go All-Out for National Pizza Month

The celebrations don’t end there, because the entire month of October is dedicated to this one-of-a-kind dish. So go ahead, order another pie in between National Sausage Pizza Day and World Pizza Makers Day. We don’t think you’ll see anyone complaining.

Like We Said, There’s Never a Bad Day for Pizza!

Being together with friends and family is reason enough to celebrate. The next time you’re ready to skip the meal prep, give us a call or place an order online! We have locations in Chicago, Oak Park, Bolingbrook, and Lyons, and that means we’ve got you covered.

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