Is Prosciutto Italian Ham?

Closeup of thin slices of prosciutto with mixed olives

With charcuterie boards being on-trend recently, we get a lot of customers asking us: “what is prosciutto?” As one of the more popular Italian restaurants in the Berwyn and Stickley areas, we welcome questions about Italian cuisine and ingredients—we love to share everything Italian food has to offer Brookfield diners! Learn more about prosciutto, the correct prosciutto pronunciation, and some ideas on how to add this delicious cured pork to your Salerno’s meals

In some ways, yes! That’s an easy way to consider what prosciutto is, since American ham, prosciutto, and Spanish Jamon are all cured pork legs. Prosciutto is never smoked, though. It’s cured with salt (prosciutto crudo) or by cooking (prosciutto cotto). Yes, if you eat dry-cured prosciutto crudo, you’re eating uncooked meat. It’s no different than eating lox or gravalax that’s been dry cured, or ceviche that’s been cured with the acide from citrus fruit. In other words, it’s safe and very tasty, especially for diners who love salty, savory flavors. 

When you’re shopping for prosciutto you’re likely to find varieties with names like prosciutto di Parma and prosciutto di San Daniele. The word after “di” indicates what region of Italy the prosciutto was made. 

What’s the Correct Prosciutto Pronounciation? 

This trips up a lot of Forest Park diners, but that’s okay! The spelling and pronunciation of prosciutto are a little different because of the differences in English and Italian. The correct prosciutto pronunciation is “pro-SHOO-to.” 

Ways to Prepare Prosciutto

As mentioned, Oak Park diners know that both kinds of prosciutto are excellent additions to charcuterie boards or antipasto platters. It pairs beautifully with strong cheeses that can stand up to its bold flavor, like Pecorino-Romano, but it also adds dimension to milder cheeses. Wrap a strip of prosciutto around a Salerno’s mozzerella stick for a delicious appetizer treat. Add uncooked prosciutto to a cooked pizza, or bake it on top of your pizza for a crispy burst of flavor. We also love it on focaccia sandwiches, and even on salads and paired with cantaloupe in the summer. 

Let Your Inner Chef Play at Salerno’s Pizza!

Interested in adding prosciutto to your favorite Salerno’s dishes? Contact us and find out ways we can incorporate this delicious cured meat into your dinner.

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