Gluten-Free Pizza Sauce

Are you a pizza lover in Oak Park with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease? Say no more! Gluten-free pizza sauce rescues your pizza nights without compromising taste or health.

What is Gluten-Free Pizza Sauce?

Gluten-free pizza sauce is crafted meticulously, ensuring it is free from any traces of gluten. Traditional pizza sauces often contain thickeners or additives that may harbor gluten. However, with the rise in awareness about gluten intolerance and celiac disease in America, plenty of gluten-free versions of classic pizza sauces exist.

Does Salerno’s Have Gluten-Free Pizza Sauce?

Is pizza sauce gluten-free? Not all pizza sauces are created equal when it comes to being gluten-free. While essential ingredients like tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil are naturally gluten-free, some commercially prepared pizza sauces might use gluten-containing additives for texture or flavor enhancement. Here at Salerno’s, we offer the following gluten free sauce options for your pizza: 

Enjoy Pizza Night with Peace of Mind at Salerno’s Pizza!

When you’re craving a night out with friends or family, consider dining in at Salerno’s or taking home one of our gluten-free pizzas. Order yours at Salerno’s today!

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