Linguine vs. Spaghetti Pasta

From small to large and thin to thick, there are countless types of noodles available for pasta lovers to enjoy – but, what’s the difference between them? In this guide, we walk you through the key differences between linguine vs. spaghetti noodles. While both are long and thin noodles, they serve slightly different culinary purposes in Italian cuisine.

fresh linguine noodles

What is Linguine?

Linguine is a common pasta type that translates into “little tongues” in Italian. Because it is flat and long in shape, it holds pasta sauces very well and is one of the most versatile pasta shapes around.

  • Shape: Linguine is a long and flat noodle with lots of surface area, which helps to showcase sauces beautifully.
  • Ingredients: Linguine is usually made from wheat-based flours, like durum or semolina flour, but it can be made of other grains – including rice, potato, and more.
  • Sauces: A linguine noodle is thin enough to complement lighter sauces like marinara, but wide enough to stand up to more substantial sauces like bolognese.

What is Spaghetti?

Spaghetti might be the most commonly used noodle by home cooks in Lyons  and Bolingbrook. Its name translates to “twine” or “thread”, and its thinner shape helps it cook quickly and evenly.

  • Shape: Spaghetti is a long and round noodle, which makes it more delicate than linguine.
  • Ingredients: Like linguine, spaghetti is usually made from wheat-based flours like semolina.
  • Sauces: Because spaghetti is thinner, it is often used with light and smooth sauces that won’t weigh down the noodle. Options like marinara and carbonara are classics.

Which is Better: Linguine vs. Spaghetti?

While no pasta shape is better, one pasta shape may be better for your culinary use than another. Both pastas are made from identical ingredients, but the linguine noodle is larger than the spaghetti noodle. You might prefer the extra heft of linguine in more robust dishes, while you might prefer the delicate strands of spaghetti against a lighter option like an aglio e olio.

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