Linguine vs. Spaghetti Pasta

From small to large and thin to thick, there are countless types of noodles available for pasta lovers to enjoy – but, what’s the difference between them? For instance, what is linguine pasta? Is linguine thicker than spaghetti? Which sauces work best with linguine? We’ll take a deep dive into the difference between linguine and spaghetti at Salerno’s Pizza, serving the Chicagoland area.

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What is Linguine Pasta?

In Italian, the word “linguine” means “little tongue,” because of the pasta’s flat and long shape. Because it has a lot of surface area, it’s a perfect palette for a variety of sauces that will cling to the noodles. Favorite linguine sauces include a light marinara or something more substantial like a meaty Bolognese. On our menu, you’ll find two of the favorite sauces for linguine: Alfredo or clam. Our linguine pasta is made in-house from wheat-based flour like durum semolina, like most pasta we make at Salerno’s. You might find linguine made from rice or potato flour, too.  



What is the Difference Between Linguine and Spaghetti? 

The word “spaghetti” translates to “twine,” which is an apt description for its round shape although spaghetti is a bit thicker than twine. Is linguine thicker than spaghetti? To the eye, yes, but that’s mostly because linguine is flat and spaghetti is round. While linguine is stronger and heartier, spaghetti is more delicate and best served with lighter sauces. A heavy Alfredo would overwhelm a plate of spaghetti, so we opt for lighter sauces like carbonara and marinara so the pasta can shine. 



Which is Better: Linguine or Spaghetti?

Berwyn and Stickney diners aren’t likely to be arguing about the difference between linguine and spaghetti, and which is better. Anyone who knows pasta probably has developed their favorite pasta and sauce combinations. When it comes to linguine and spaghetti, it can depend just as much on the sauce as the shape of the noodles, and making sure they’re a good match. Just remember that linguine is thicker than spaghetti, so it goes with heavy sauces, while spaghetti and delicate sauces pair well. Don’t forget that if you’re getting your pasta to take home or be delivered to Riverside or Brookfield, you can pair a wine with your pasta. The same recommendation works here: hearty pasta can stand up to red wines, while delicate pasta allows the nuanced notes in white wine to take center stage. 



Experience the Difference Between Linguine and Spaghetti with Salerno’s! 

No matter which pasta is your favorite you can find it on the menu at Salerno’s! We have your family’s pasta favorites, made from scratch and ready for you. Save time when you use our online ordering system, whether you need a carry-out or delivery order. We’ll make sure your order is fresh and ready for your hungry family!

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