'Make Your Own Pizza' Party Venue

Hosting friends and family should always be enjoyable and tasty. Nothing beats the joy and fun of a make-your-own pizza party at our restaurant, Salerno’s Pizza. Are you thinking about kids birthday party ideas? Or winter birthday party ideas for kids around Chicagoland? Our private party room in Oak Park allows the perfect space to host your next make-your-own pizza party!

Why Choose a ‘Make-Your-Own Pizza’ Party in Oak Park, IL

  • Perfect for Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: What’s better than gathering indoors for a warm, pizza-making experience when it’s chilly outside? It’s a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays in winter.
  • Interactive Fun for All Ages: Whether for kids or adults, everyone loves getting hands-on with their food. It’s not just about eating; it’s about creating something delicious together!
  • Customizable for Every Taste: With various toppings, everyone can make a pizza that suits their taste buds. It’s a delightful way to cater to different preferences.

Host Your ‘Make Your Own Pizza’ Party at Our Restaurant

Below are some tips for hosting a ‘make-your-own pizza’ party at our restaurant or from the comfort of your Chicagoland home. If you don’t want the mess in your home, we are always happy to host at one of our private dining rooms!
  • Prepare the Dough in Advance: Fresh and ready dough is the key to a smooth pizza party. Nobody wants to wait too long for their delicious creation!
  • Homemade Sauce Magic: We impress your guests with our signature pizza sauce. It’s our original recipe and adds a personal touch to your pizzas.
  • Organize Toppings: We can set up a toppings station with options like pepperoni, peppers, basil, and olives. This allows guests to get creative with their pizzas.
  • Bake it in the Pizza Oven: We use a high-quality pizza oven and pizza stone for quick and evenly cooked pizzas.
Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party
Make-Your-Own-Pizza Cooking in the Oven
Make-Your-Own-Pizza Fresh from the Oven

Host a ‘Make Your Own Pizza’ Party in Oak Park, IL

Looking for unique and engaging winter birthday party ideas for kids? Salerno’s offers a unique ‘make-your-own pizza’ party experience. It’s a perfect kid’s birthday party idea or any special occasion. Our party rooms provide everything needed for a fun and educational pizza-making session. We even offer gluten-free pizza for anyone with a gluten intolerance! Contact Salerno’s Pizza today for pricing and to schedule your ‘make-your-own pizza’ party in Oak Park, IL. And check out our signature pizza facts!
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