Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Pineapple pizza

It’s one of the most controversial topics in all of food. Does pineapple belong on pizza? It’s a polarizing topic and we’re about to give you the pros and cons as well as some other interesting facts about the pineapple on pizza debate. Who invented Hawaiian pizza? Is pineapple on pizza illegal in Italy? All these questions and more will be answered by Salerno’s Pizza, Chicagoland’s place for pizza and other fine Italian dishes.

Who Invented Pineapple Pizza?

So who invented pineapple pizza and sparked off the eternal pineapple on pizza debate? The Greek-Canadian Sotirios “Sam” Panopoulos is credited as making the first pineapple pizza back in 1962 in the province of Ontario. He was inspired by American and Chinese dishes that fused the sweet and savory into one cohesive package, so he added canned pineapple to his pizzas. His customers went nuts for it, so he kept it on the menu and kicked off this controversial craze.

Even though pineapple pizza is called “Hawaiian pizza,” it doesn’t have any links to Hawaii. Most likely, it acquired this name from the tiki trend that was popular in North America at the time.

Why Pineapple Doesn’t Belong on Pizza 

A lot of people are not down with this tangy fruit on pizza. It’s got a strong, tart flavor that tends to dominate the palate. It’s commonly baked and grilled, but apart from this dish, it’s rarely paired with cheese.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay once said, “Pineapple does not go on top of pizza,” a sentiment that many share. No other fruits are found on pizza, so why should pineapple be part of the equation? The double acidity of pineapple and tomatoes are too much for many, and a common criticism of this style of pie is that the juicy tropical fruit damages the structural integrity of the slice and is an unwelcome contrast of sweet and savory.

Why Pineapple Belongs on Pizza

Advocates of this tropical slice think there’s something about the flavor combination that just hits right. What goes well with pineapple on pizza? The tart fruit, optional addition of salty ham, and nutty mozzarella cheese give you a unique taste sensation that no other topping combination can match. Pineapple is light and refreshing, like sunshine in your mouth, and has vitamins and minerals that aid in digestion. And it’s the obvious choice of people with a sweet tooth.

The number one reason pineapple is meant for pizza is because people simply enjoy it. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, meaning everyone has the right to outfit it just the way they like. If your house is divided on this critical issue, you can always go half and half when you get a pizza order from the pizza pros at Salerno’s.

Order Your Pineapple Pizza From Salerno’s! 

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