How to Keep Pizza Warm

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If you’re a pizza lover like us, then you’ll want to know how to keep pizza warm and at what temperature to keep pizza warm. While it may seem like a no brainer, sometimes our customers ask, “Can you put a pizza box in the oven?” or need to know how to keep pizza warm at a party. No worries, at Salerno’s Pizza, we have all the answers you need! Read on to find out the perfect way to keep pizza warm. 

How to Keep Pizza Warm at a Party 

Whether you need to keep the pizza warm as you wait on your children to finish up school or for leftovers later on in the day, learning how to keep pizza warm at a party or in general is a major key to make sure it is still enjoyable. If you need to keep pizza warm for 3+ hours, aluminum foil is the best method. Can you put a pizza box in the oven? Yes, but individually wrapping each piece of pizza in aluminum foil and setting your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit will make sure it comes out crispy! Leave the pieces of pizza in the oven for about 10 minutes. 

Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Oven? 

As previously stated, yes! If you need to know how to keep pizza warm by keeping it in the cardboard box, it’s pretty easy. For those who need to know how to keep pizza warm at a party, this is the easiest and most efficient way. So, what temperature to keep pizza warm? Turn your oven to the lowest degree possible, typically 170 degrees Fahrenheit, then simply place the box inside the oven. The low heat creates a climate similar to an oven inside the pizza box.

Additionally, the cardboard will not catch on fire unless the oven is set to over 400 degrees! As we suggest, keep the temperature low and if the pizza has been in the oven heating up for a while, turn off the oven and let it sit to remain warm. If you’re still wondering what’s the temperature to keep pizza warm safely, anything under 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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