What is Sicilian-Style Pizza?

Slice of Sicilian pizza

Sicilian-style pizza is one of the heartiest, most traditional pizza styles there is, and at Salerno’s, it’s a fan favorite! We take extra pride in crafting this authentic recipe, delivering a taste you’ll never forget. But what is Sicilian pizza? We break down the heritage of this classic pie that can be your dinner tonight when your order now! 

The History of Sicilian-Style Pizza 

Sicily, Italy is credited with inventing this pizza, though it originally was referred to as “sfincione” which translates to “thick sponge”.  The thickness came from building the pie on focaccia, an Italian yeast bread that is known for its dense texture. Popular toppings included onions sautéed in olive oil, chopped anchovies, tomatoes, and hard grated cheese made from sheep’s milk. 

Once immigrating Italians brought sfincione to the United States, the dish evolved further, and the New York-style Sicilian pizza began to take shape. This variation kept the spongy dough but swapped out the cheese for mozzarella, as the area had a massive dairy industry at the time. Though Sicilian-style pizza has history in New York, it is the polar opposite from today’s New York-style pizza, which features massive thin-crust slices that diners usually fold in half to eat. 

No matter how you slice it, Sicilian-style pizza is a satisfying meal you need to experience! 

What Makes the Sicilian Pizza Style?

Sicilian-style pizza is typically categorized by three defining traits: 

  • Square shape: The original Sicilian pizza style came with a rectangular-shaped crust, a tradition that many continue today. 
  • Ultra-thick crust: Though Sicilian pizza crust has evolved over time, the earliest incarnations were baked extremely thick for a mouthwatering bite. 
  • Ingredients: At Salerno’s, we use olive oil sauce with fresh roma tomatoes, fresh sausage (made in-house), mozzarella, and light oregano.

We love the Sicilian pizza style because it offers a delicious pizza taste with historical roots. The thick crust and simple ingredients baked to golden perfection make for a meal the whole family will enjoy!

Order Sicilian-Style Pizza From Salerno’s Today!

Hungry to try Sicilian-style pizza? Our menu proudly features this delicious pie and many others (such as the controversial pineapple pizza), so check out our current specials and order yours now!

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