Frozen Pizza vs. Fresh Pizza

Frozen pizza vs fresh pizza

Frozen Pizza


Delivery Pizza

15-25 minutes


Less than an hour



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Under $10


Under $20



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When dinner time rolls around for your Bolingbrook family, just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven might seem like the easiest option on busy days. But is it, really? How do frozen pizza vs. delivery pizza compare when you order delivery from any of the Salerno’s Pizza locations? Let’s compare frozen pizza vs. fresh pizza. It might make you rethink your dinner plans!

Frozen Pizza vs. Delivery: Price

When shopping for groceries in Plainfield, it’s certainly easy to grab a couple of frozen pizzas to have on hand for nights when you need a quick meal. And at less than $10 for a frozen pizza with an average size of 11 inches, it might seem like a bargain. But is it? A fresh pizza delivered from Salerno’s Pizza can cost up to $20, but that includes much larger sizes than the average frozen pizza. Take a look at our pizza math, and you’ll see that a fresh Salerno’s Pizza is a better value. For the sake of convenience, you can order extra fresh pizza—especially on Half Off Pizza Mondays—and freeze your own pizza for later. 

Frozen Pizza vs. Delivery: Convenience

But surely in frozen pizza vs. fresh pizza, frozen is more convenient, right? Not really. While it cooks a little quicker than it takes to get a delivery pizza in the Romeoville area, the time difference is small. Also, you have to stay alert to where your frozen pizza is in the cooking process, so it doesn’t burn, then clean up any dripped cheese in your oven and extra utensils like cutting boards and slicers. With delivery from Salerno’s Pizza, you can order it and just listen for your doorbell. 

Frozen Pizza vs. Delivery: Variety and Quality

Berwyn pizza lovers generally don’t head to the grocer’s freezer case when they want a high-quality, delicious pizza with the toppings they want. That’s because frozen pizzas generally only come in a handful of the most popular varieties. But at Salerno’s Pizza, you can order a huge variety of fresh toppings, or choose from our classic and unique specialty pizzas. As for quality, there’s no question who wins in frozen pizza vs. fresh pizza: it’s fresh all the way, with Salerno’s handmade crust and sauce and fresh ingredients that are baked to order. 

Is Frozen Pizza Better for You Than Delivery? 

Frozen pizza isn’t better for you than delivery. In order to get to Brookfield, a frozen pizza has to be manufactured in a factory and contains additional preservatives in addition to the freezing process, which can deteriorate the nutritional value over time. When we look at all the issues with factory-made food, from nutrition and quality to the environmental impact of buying from huge corporations, there are many reasons why frozen pizza isn’t better for you than delivery from a locally-owned pizza shop that uses high-quality, fresh ingredients. 

Order a Winning Pizza From Salerno’s Pizza! 

Are you ready for a quick, convenient, high-value pizza for dinner tonight? Then skip the freezer case and order from the Salerno’s Pizza nearest you!

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