Why Does Round Pizza Come in a Square Box?

Pizza boxes

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “why are circle pizzas in square boxes?” The simple answer is that square boxes are much easier to work with, allowing easy folding, storing, and carrying. Round pizzas come in square boxes because the corners provide better protection during travel, keeping your pizza safe and warm during delivery! 

Square Pizza Boxes Just Make More Sense 

If you think about it, most things we buy come in either square or rectangular boxes, regardless of the item’s shape inside. Square boxes help provide uniformity in a world full of chaos, allowing for products in a myriad of shapes and sizes to sit comfortably next to each other on a shelf. 

All those right angles come in handy for a variety of reasons, especially since square boxes are easier to:

  • Fold: A square pizza box can be folded up and ready to go in a matter of seconds, whereas crafting a circular box takes considerably longer. 
  • Store: Whether flat and unfolded or stacked up and ready to go, square boxes are much easier to pile up on a shelf 
  • Carry: A round-edged box wouldn’t provide the sturdiness found with flat corners, and at Salerno’s, our goal is to get pizza deliveries to you as quickly as possible! 

Square pizza boxes are also cheaper to manufacture and help keep costs down for restaurants, creating savings that get passed down to you, the customer! 

Pizza Delivery Done Right 

Putting a circle pizza in a square box means that it will stay put as it travels from Salerno’s to your home, with the corners ensuring your pie has nowhere else to go. We put a lot of pride and care into every pizza order we make, and our goal is to make it arrive hot, fresh, and intact. Nothing is worse than delivery meals that get ruined during transit, which is why our delivery crew works with both speed and precision to bring you your meal. 

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