What is Chicken Francaise?

As you know the Salerno’s Pizza menu goes far beyond pizza. We offer a huge selection of Italian and Italian-American favorites that are beloved in Oak Park, Berwyn, and beyond. But when you’re browsing our offerings you might be wondering, what is chicken Francaise? This dish features a boneless chicken breast that’s been pounded, breaded, and pan-fried. It’s then served with a buttery lemon and white wine sauce with a side of pasta. You might be surprised to learn where chicken Francaise originated, though. Want to find out more? Take a look at the chicken Francaise origin story! 

Salernos Chicken Francaise

Where is Chicken Francaise From? 

Chicken Francaise bears some similarities to Italian favorite chicken piccata, but there’s one big difference (besides the lack of capers in chicken Francaise)—chicken Francaise didn’t originate in Italy. The original recipe was lost long ago so no one’s quite sure who first created chicken Francaise. Anecdotal evidence indicates it likely came from Italian immigrants in New York City who eventually moved to Rochester, New York, where the dish gained popularity in the 1950s. It’s often called chicken French in that region, even though it’s not French in origin. The original version used veal, which was significantly more expensive than chicken. When veal first fell out of favor in the 1970s, many restaurants switched from veal Francaise to chicken Francaise. At Salerno’s you’ll find both on our menu. 

Other Salerno’s Chicken Dishes

Forest Park diner who crave chicken will find no shortage of dishes on the Salerno’s menu! In addition to chicken Francaise, when you make the trip from Stickney you’ll find all of your favorite Italian poultry dishes, from saucy chicken breast Parmigiana to chicken foccacia sandwiches and more! For an authentic twist that Brookfield diners love, many of our chicken dishes are available with veal. 

Get Your Chicken Francaise From Salerno’s Pizza! 

Ready for some chicken Francaise in Riverside? Get in touch with Salerno’s Pizza! We think our version can stand up to the Rochester original, and we’d love for you to get a taste. No need to trek to upstate New York, though. Just order online from us! 

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