What is Double Dough Pizza?

Double dough pizza

For some, it’s the toppings, sauce, or cheese. For others, it’s the crust. At Salerno’s, our double dough pizza is our most popular option, but what is double dough pizza? Roll up your sleeves and dive into this thick, gooey creation, and get ready to place your double dough pizza order in the Chicago area for dinner tonight! 

Double Dough Pizza Overview

Somewhere between thin crust and deep dish lies the almighty double dough pizza, a hearty creation that allows for piles of toppings and excellent reheating. Thick but not too thick, filling without overstuffing, this satisfying balance of dough makes for the perfect base for many of our most popular menu items, including the classic Sicilian and controversial pineapple

Double dough pizza gets its name from literally doubling up the amount of dough used, resulting in a mouthful of rich, gooey goodness. Our 1-inch thick tavern-style crust has become a fan favorite throughout the Chicagoland area, and it’s no surprise why! This chewy crust is baked to golden perfection and retains its heft on the chance you have any leftovers. 

Best Ways to Top a Double Dough Pizza  

Everyone has their favorite pizza toppings, but if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy our double dough pizza, we have a few ideas. 

  • Meat lover’s pizza: why choose one meat when you can have them all? Our meat lover’s recipe piles on freshly made sausage with pepperoni and bacon–with all that protein, you’re going to need a substantial crust! 
  • Supreme pizza: equally loaded is our fan-favorite supreme, which balances our house-made sausage with onion, mushrooms, and green peppers. 
  • Veggie pizza: even without meat, our veggie pizza has serious heft. Piled high with green pepper, spinach, tomato, and mushrooms, this pie was made for double dough crusts. 

Looking to build your own double dough pizza creation? We love it! Salerno’s will toss a custom pie just for you when you order with us tonight! 

Place Your Double Dough Pizza Chicago-Area Order Now!

Now that you know what double dough pizza is, try it for yourself! Dive into our menu to see which flavor combination best satisfies your cravings and we’ll deliver your double dough pizza in the Chicago area hot and fresh! With additional locations in Oak Park, Lyons, and Bolingbrook, you can’t go wrong with Salerno’s!

Don’t forget to add some mozzarella sticks to your order!

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